Automatic block moulding machine, has been designed according to the operating system with a mortar plant from the ground. The block making machine has been developed with a system that can be operated continuously for 24 hours. If Sufficient Number of Pallets is Provided, It Produces 20 Blocks in the Range of 7500 – 8500 Pieces with 8 Hours of Working Daily. Since the Working Principle of Automatic Block Machines is Based on the Automation System, It Gives the Written Daily Production Capacities at Full Value.

By changing the mold, bims produces products such as blocks in a serial manner to all extent.

8 Pieces can be produced in one print from 20 bims briquettes on the machine.

High-quality robust vibrator motors specially produced by our company are used. Thanks to this, it is able to produce smoothly and quickly.

Thanks to the superior features of our concrete block making machine, our machine, which can produce without problems and spare parts for many years, is user-friendly, which will make your job easier.

block molding machine turkey blt8000b